Food Package Labelling

Was watching TV and the Brits have additional labels on their food packages now. There is one that supposedly tells you how much carbon footprint is used in producing and transporting/importing that food. Now, after you decide how much lead is in this and rodent fecal matter, you can go the extra mile and do your part to save the planet because…
Al Gore is watching you.

Gee, I think I’ll have the stew instead of the chilly. Wait, too much salt, no too much sugar… I can just see a dems head explode as he or she tries to commit the lesser sin every time they just want to eat.

Are you just kidding me? This is the kinda moron stuff we will have to endure if the dems get in.

Now, what I wanna see is a methane label. Oh yes. This chilly will cause 20 cubic feet of fartage. I mean technically, we could hook you to the gas line in the winter…and the meter would spin backwards. Yep, you’d supply gas to the gas company after that meal and receive a credit.



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