Van with a Seized Motor from Sitting Three Years

A van with a seized engine…(from sitting)…

will attempt to turn it back and forth by hand with a long socket wrench


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after some Marvin’s mystery oil and ATF fluid and a dash of PB Blaster in each spark plug hole….

Should be interesting…
Experiences? Thoughts?


Step one: pray ( a lot)

Step two: Google forums about old car restoration and seized motors

Step three: PB Blaster and Liquid wrench on old spark plugs (about three days – spray and wait…repeat)

On this Chevy van, a reciprocating saw was used a few times to make

some additional space around select plugs for access.

Step four: With a small piece of pipe for leverage, carefully, slowly remove the plugs

I still snapped the ceramic end on three of eight plugs, but the nut part of the plug was fine

Step Five: With a small clear plastic tube in each tube, insert PB Blaster in each cylinder and repeat

over a few days.  Then insert ATF in each cylinder several rounds. And finally add a round of 10w40 oil

Step Six: Go to Harbor Freight and buy a special vise grip with chain attached (used for large oil filters?)

and that was what I had to wrap around behind the main shaft pulleys and the harmonic balancer

in order to (eventually) hand turn the motor.

(on this motor the nut on the main pulley was small 5/8″ and hard turning it would have either loosened it

or snapped it off) [Not a plan]

I gripped a socket and the arm of a 25″ long breaker bar for sockets and eventually turned the motor a quarter turn in each direction.

Then a half turn each way.

Then a full turn.

Then two turns.

*** I didn’t actually need the Marvin’s mystery oil in this case even though I bought some just in case.

Step Seven: Install new plugs.

Step Eight: (I had already blown compressed back through the input fuel pump line back into the gas tank

to clear it and then hand squeeze pump fuel back into the line)

Step Nine: New battery and start it up.

After a few minutes…shut it off and change the oil

Step Ten: Start it up and let it run a few mins at a time to slowly burn/flash off all the ATF in the cylinders (lots of white smoke)


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