Something Else I Can’t Buy On…

I just finished griping about not being able to buy the movie “Office Space” on … Oh, it exists alright…

But the <BUY> button is in.. what?…  you guessed it FLASH #Fail


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Now…  I can’t buy the digital download for Kid ‘n Play ‘s song Äin’t Gonna Hurt Nobody”.  Can’t get the single, the Face The Nation CD or the House Party Sound Track.

….Looks like I can order the old physical CD now… but I can’t get the bits…from the 80’s… which in light of Earth Day…

getting the download bits would be FAR MORE EFFICIENT and far more GREEN, but alas I can only order a physical CD and am LUCKY evidently to be doing that.

Like the song has been banned in the United Socialist States.


Reid and Martin….no doubt NOT pleased and a few dollars poorer as a result.

More to come on this one as it develops.


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