iPad – Wifi – Varies Greatly

Wifi varies greatly.

Here are a few examples from ATT at a Barnes and Noble..

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Slowest Wifi


Very Slow Wifi

SpeedTest.net app is a huge help in assessing the wifi environment, so you know what you can realistically download.
ie. Don’t attempt to download a 550 Meg TV show or iTunesU University lecture…unless you have hours on your hands.
With wifi like you saw above you could download a small free app or do email, web surf or Twitter.

Here is the best I’ve gotten so far and the upload was still terrible (think NO Skype here)

But with the faster download bandwidth, you could get the TV show or university lecture in a reasonable amount of time (think 5 or 10 minutes)


Fastest ATT Wifi

More on this one as it develops…


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