11:59PM Friday, June 12, 2009 Analog TV R.I.P.

Actually over the two days of June 11 and 12, the analog transmitters of over the air broadcasters in the US, slowly but surely went off for the last time.

I already had a USDTV Hisesnse DB 2010 converter/tuner  box, however I managed to lose the remote leaving it useless.

So…..  I went to Best Buy and got an Apex converter box with analog pass through to address the situation.

I lost reception of two very good PBS affiliates because the DTV signals are effectively weaker, yielding a lower radius of coverage.  Also, I am in close proximity to several trees which likely didnt help the situation.

I picked up one channel that runs weather radar quite a bit, so that was cool.  However, no more Charlie Rose, No more McLaughlin Group and no more This Old House….  for me….    I will try playing with other antenna locations in hopes of getting at least one PBS channel back.

So,  I think this was a needless transition where I spent money and lost 2 PBS affiliates.    Some more CHANGE we didnt need.



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