Check Out My First Prezi Presentation!

It’s a zommable UI ( ZUI ).   Kinda like Power Point, but based on the zoom and move style.

Here’s my first try.  “How to use Twitter” haha  (but you get the idea)

My second prezi to point to my first Animoto video. (I have an artsy side)

My third prezi has video.

You can use for example to convert your vid to a .flv flash file that Prezi uses for now.

Audio can be inserted.  It has to be .flv for a one time play and .swf for continuous play.  The help listed this as a workaround.  I assume other methods are coming.

Click on the bottom right arrow to advance the “slides” and you move around the presentation.  Many seem to be layed out in a quasi-circle, but I think you can line them up.  My big presentation layout looks like a crude flowchart.

One weird thing was…

To move/scale a “group” of things on a frame/slide together, you have to left mouse (while holding down the Shift key) to select them together and then the Zebra “Place”/Move/Scale/Rotate tool will adjust all of the selected ones together.



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This was Leo’s pick of the week on Mac Break Weekly 143.

Make your own at

I found a Prezi manual at:

Here is a site that I found with a slicker more professional look using prezi.

Click on the my Prezi web 2.0 link in the fourth paragraph and then on the “open” in the prezi site (center of the page).

More to come as I get more into this one.


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