Tina Fey Will Get the Republican Elected… Doh!

Could McCain shoot himself in the foot any better?  He has complimented “his opponent” like at least 5 times now.  Savage said a few days back that he had shot off all his toes and was standing on one hand now.

He won’t even try to deal with the 20 million invaders to the US.

He also voted (just like “his opponent”) to bail out the poor investments of others.. at tax payer expense.

He has Carly Fiorina on board… failed CEO..Buehler? anyone?

Enter Tina Fey.. as Sarah Pailn.

Savage thinks the averageness of Sarah Palin may save the ticket.

And Tina Fey pushes it right over the top… You betcha…  Joe Sixpack



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