Savage Wants Eliot Spitzer Back to Investigate Wall St.

Woohoo,  Welcome back Michael!

He leads off on 9/18/08 reminding everyone that he was way ahead of McCain in calling for

Christopher Cox (head of the SEC) to be held accountable for the collapses on Wall St.

And…why was Eliot Spitzer suddenly caught in a prostitute scandal and put out of the way?

He notes many cases where Spitzer had been on the trail of wrong doing.

Savage calls for Spitzer to be put in as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the investigation of the collapses on Wall St.

And then… save US government money by deporting the incarcerated illegal aliens, as well as decline free health care at the nation’s hospitals.

Next he reminds us what an Oligarch is.

Good to hear Savage back at it.



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