AIG Bailout

Now AIG is in trouble and will be bailed out.

Lehman Brothers allowed to fail into bankruptcy but Bear Stearns was bailed out… AIG , Freedie Mac and Fannie Mae were bailed out…

Ummm when do we hear about how there will be congressional hearings to see who made money on these situations?  Yep, there needs to be some hearings…



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2 Responses to “AIG Bailout”

  1. ZOOberz Says:

    its lame how the government will only help these huge companies what about me and you small business owners who need some help? nope your going to pay these banks that get our tax dollars

  2. Hmmm Says:


    Thanks for your thoughts on this one.
    A rough ride and like that guy on Charlie Rose Mon night… Its not over

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