Obama Hussein Guevera Gets A on Speech… D on What’s Gonna Count

It felt kinda like watching how gracefully the Chinese executed the Olympics.   The pageantry was superb.   Unfortunately, you have to look no further than Nancy Pelosi’s “Fairness Act”, the “marriages” in San Fran, the 20 plus million invaders to the country that will still be here after the speech… prolly with better health care than me… what?

And still wondering where Jesse Jackson and Sharpton are… and when newly reprogrammed mommy will emerge.

Where did they do with Al Gore? haha   O yeah…  And then there’s Jimmy Carter that referred to Obama as… that boy?  What?

Still don’t wanna live in China or in that America… and hopefully straight Mex McCain will dump Carly Fiorina and grow some conservative values… yeah right.

Will seriously watch what Nader can put together this time….



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