Adam Carolla … Lovelines Reunion

Holy crap, the Aceman returneth… Tomorrow night 3/13 on Lovelines ,

Lovelines with Adam Carolla Right now on KUPD Tempe AZ

That’s Adam Carolla… and that’s Dr. Drew… Board Certified physician…and addiction medicine specialist….

yes in deedy D….

*** Anyone get the whole show? I heard the last 3/4 and Adam only stayed the first hour…. weenie. Oh, he had to get up again… ok

Did I mention the jack off trucker hat fee you have to pay to get downloads of the new Lovelines?,,,, Cough Cough Chicken S…whatever…. Maybe Adam will T that up for a tasty rant…just like back in the day when he was pissed about Westwood trying to keep the leather chairs…..

Oddly enough, Adam’s new movie is called Jack Off Trucker!

No, no…. The Hammer…and it opens….Mar 21


See the

You need to register for free and there are some clips



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