Heidi Fleiss on Eliot Spitzer… Nightline Terry Moran

A very surreal interview where Terry Moran checks in with Heidi Fleiss to better understand the recent alegations and public acknowledgements of the Democratic governor from New York.  What drives a man to do this?

What I learned was…

– It’s been going on since Adam and Eve (Eve was a hoe? wow…)

– Men just wanna get laid (check)

– She wants a governor that gets laid (me too)

–  It’s every man, men think about sex 99% of the time (I barely have time to eat…)

– Her issue with what happened was that he was a zealot and then involved in it (fair enough)

– He could have gone the Bunny Ranch (Where is that again?)

– prostitution needs to be regulated, make it fair

That Terry Moran just clears it right up.


*** Heidi Fleis was just in the news in Nevada a few weeks back btw….


*** This just in… fifty super delegates just switched their votes  to Eliot Spitzer

More to come on this as it’s available.


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2 Responses to “Heidi Fleiss on Eliot Spitzer… Nightline Terry Moran”

  1. Irv Says:

    What’s the big deal? There is a lot worse implied and shown on TV today than someone using the word “laid”, and so what if Spitzer messed around with hookers? Barney Frank did his homosexual thing with men a few years ago, and he’s still in office! Bill Clinton fooled around with Monica under Hillary’s nose right in the White House, and he survived politically, and don’t forget the Senator who got caught in that mens room, who also is still in office! This is all just being stirred up by Republicans because it’s an election year. Spitzer should give the media the finger and stay right where he is as Governor of NY State.

  2. Hmmm Says:

    Irv, thanks for your thoughts on this one.
    This whole interview just seemed odd and surreal, which is what caught my attention.

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