More Gestapo Government from the Democrats…

In Massachusetts, there is more big government legislation in the works… this time to make spanking a child illegal…

Now, I’m obviously NOT condoning actual child abuse.

But, I’m absolutely against the ever growing government meddling in the daily personal lives of people. And I witness on a daily basis, kids that receive less and less supervision and discipline which absolutely includes the occasional spanking.

The government rules and regulations will eventually have everyone in jail or in court EXCEPT the hard core criminals….

Please, knock it off.

Take all this government energy and round up the illegal invaders 10 at a time and send them home. That should keep you busy for several years…

More to come on this as I get time…


2 Responses to “More Gestapo Government from the Democrats…”

  1. Scarlet Ortiz Says:

    Now you have a new fan 😀

  2. Hmmm Says:

    Thank you Scarlet for your nice words.

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