Google Gobbles Jaiku…

It’s not clear if or how big a deal this one is. FYI. Google is THE search engine and quickly added all things map and now online office type apps.

Jaiku was owned by a finnish company and let you have a “conversation” on its site. Basically the “conversation” is threaded, meaning you can come back within is some period of time and see what others posted relating to your posting. That flow tended to be over a period of a few hours or a few days.

Twitter is similar but not as easy to find the responses and has a fast party-like pace where you can leave a “What are you doing” post and others may or may not reply/post relative to that.

So, as I understand it, Google gobbled jaiku today. Evidently Google had a similar app called Orkut already? That was the first I had heard of that today.

Will it be sad? or good? Ya veremos…


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