Dr Drew on the Adam Carolla Radio Show

Holy Crap, Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla on the radio… at the same time. That maybe the first time since Novemeber 2005.

Not sure why Adam finally got around to this, but it was long overdue.


That comedy team chemistry is immediately obvious and much missed!

Now that the taboo (not Taboo 2) line has been crossed, maybe there will be more? Could they finally make good on the Adam as a guest on Lovelines?

Even Dr. Drew as an ocassional “Ask the Love Doctor” bit on Adam’s show would be nice.

Stay tuned… Oh Yes.


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2 Responses to “Dr Drew on the Adam Carolla Radio Show”

  1. cole Says:

    dr drew was on the adam carolla show (about 3 months into his show and im quite sure this is the 3rd time) . I doubt Adam C. would go on loveline.

  2. Hmmm Says:

    Thanks for the info! I rely on downloads to catch Adams radio show.
    That was the first time I had seen it. (I stand corrected)
    Not nearly often enough to hear them though even at three times.
    What a great comedy chemistry that is much missed.
    Cole, do you know a show date for the “outpatient hand surgery” bit on the old lovelines?

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