Demographic of the Patrons In One Business

Know your audience…Marketing101 meets Main St.

This one may vary depending on your location but this is the audience I saw in a particular business establishment.

– The elderly (various ethnicities)

– Latino immigrants (Central America and Mexico mostly)

– Wandering unsupervised teens and pre-teens (various ethnicities)

– Meth People (digital cameras always need litium batteries and oddly enough security cameras.

– People that want to return things without receipt and certainly without packaging and after 30 days. Uh no!

– Criminals – they actually just came in to steal (various ethnicities)

– Thuglike people that just look like they came to steal (various ethnicities)

– People that are off their meds, bipolar and other various mental health issues.

– Occassionally the homeless and vagrants

– Repeat customers (various ages and ethnicities) with money that are ready to buy

– People passing through that are from like Florida or Arizona and truck drivers that stopped at Walmart

It would be interesting to see this real world info in a company’s business plan. Instead, you always see the idealistic stuff of upper middle class and 18 to 35…kinda stuff.

In this case, the elderly, the latino, the travelers/truck drivers and repeat customers with money in hand kept this business thriving. Speaking some amount of spanish was very helpful.

As far as weird stuff:
One guy came in with a tattoo…on the side of his neck…that read (and I can’t make stuff up this good)…
“100% Honky”

…I rest my case.



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