Heart Disease… The Charlie Rose Science Series (PBS)

A very interesting show on 9/19/2007 with a panel from the medical research community.

A few things that jumped out at me were:

– the things we already know to reduce our risk factors that aren’t being implemented well.
(ie Make sure you are getting a reasonable amount of exercise. I know I am guilty of putting off exercising, yet my eating stays on track or increases.)

almost no mention of “heart attacks” before 1900? (That ties to the exercise that people had to get before we had all of our “modern conveniences” So we’ve traded less physical work for more stress and it’s killing us. Awesome. Less axe swinging and more phone jabbering and computer blogging huh… See one of my other posts…

– the importance of people being more knowledgeable about CPR and that some hand chest compressions (even if not perfect) was better that not doing it when someone had a heart attack.

– the idea was discussed about requiring some amount of CPR training (say in 9th grade) as some other countries have done to get people to be more knowledgeable and less afraid of trying to help someone with cardiac arrest.

– the wider availability of portable defibulator machines and the difference in survival if that is quickly done when someone’s heart has gone into that fibulation and blood isn’t flowing.

– some re-examination of using stints and focus only on narrowing arteries. They were noting that heart attack often doesn’t happen at the place where narrowing of the artery, but in other places because the plaques are throughout.

Check out the clips on… (after you get off your butt and exercise first…)


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