Top Postings as of September 2007

BMW E30 – See this page too!!! 329 More stats
Micheal Savage…Savage Nation…. 198 More stats
Hurricane Felix Headed For North Nicarag 90 More stats
Lovelines, Dr.Drew and…(Adam Carolla o 37 More stats
Scientific American Frontiers…Alan Ald 22 More stats
Sixth Anniversary of 9/11 20 More stats
This Old House (PBS old school) 17 More stats
Kinda Like Church…cept Different… 15 More stats
Make a Log Cabin You Wimps and Babies! 14 More stats
It’s back…..The Adam Carolla Years… 12 More stats
Wierd Hexagon pattern on Saturn’s North 10 More stats
Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In 9 More stats


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2 Responses to “Top Postings as of September 2007”

  1. a.stafford Says:

    i really thank you mr. joiner for what you do for us.i amm

    uneducated but i am blessed with good common sense. and sense enogh to thank you .for putting educated blacks in the important posittions to help people like me in the future.lawyers,dr.s and a variety of other important.people in a poor but humble man.present all i can say i wish had been blessed with a father and mother like yours. but i got what i got . so i try and do the oppisite of my father and be good humble man thanks mr.joiner youve been the only example i ever had .bless you.

  2. Hmmm Says:

    Mr Stafford,
    Thank you for your kind note. I am not Tom however. Im just a fan too.
    There is an email at blackamericaweb.

    and 1-800-JOYNER1 from 6 to 10am for the radio show.

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