CNN (and Yahoo) Reaches New Low in Its Search For “News”

Just saw a “clip” dedicated to a young woman being asked to adjust her outfit because it was too revealing.

CNN and Yahoo, can I please have a break from things being listed with “news” that are NOT news. Please list for me the managing editor that was just fired for this gaff in alleged news coverage.

Is that all you had to go to press with?

Enough with the titalating blurbs masquerading as news.

Yahoo gets honorable mention here because it was being plugged on their page with “news”.   Uh It wasn’t.

This young woman wants an apology from Southwest. I want an apology from all of you for letting her end up on a camera of any kind.



2 Responses to “CNN (and Yahoo) Reaches New Low in Its Search For “News””

  1. dylan555 Says:

    I think both get press releases and then print them as “news” stories. Why think when the PR machines of the world can do it for you?

  2. Hmmm Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on this one.

    I have a posting referring to a Sam Donaldson interview where
    he pointed to more and more pressure on news organizations to
    “entertain”. It’s not right…

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