The Daily GizWiz…Dick DeBartolo…(MAD)

Just a few words to pay tribs to lifelong humorist and now  gadget xxxx  , No, wait!! it’s the guy that just knows a whole really lot about gadgets that may or may not be electronic) Dick DeBartolo. I’ve been listening to his show (The Daily Giz Wiz with Leo Laporte) for a year or so now and…

Dick is also the lead with MAD magazine whose humor I immediately clicked with many years ago.

Catch their (Dick and Leo) podcast for your mp3 player or ipod at and look along the right side of that page for the link to the current and archive podcasts of the show.

Also, you’ll think…didn’t I see him on ABC World News Now….and you’d be correct… and Regis and all kinda radio shows.

Check out Dick DeBartolo’s main site at

And on a historical note…he was a writer for the legendary Match Game with Gene Rayburn (and I guess Burt Convey and ______ others…hahaha)

Thanks so much Dick for all your good work and for making us stop and laugh along the way!


2 Responses to “The Daily GizWiz…Dick DeBartolo…(MAD)”

  1. Dick DeBartolo Says:

    Hey, how’s it going?

    I’m doing a chat on Stickam called Match Game Memories — talking about working on the show, from pre-production to it’s end. I’m hoping you can help spread the word to Match Game fans. Fortunately, I’m thrilled to say the show lives on and on in reruns.

    It will be at Saturday, November 29th, 8PM EST, 5 PM PST. I picked that date as a remembrance of incredible Gene Rayburn who passed on that day, back in 1999. (Some recall 1998)

    More info on me is at:

    Spread the word if you can! It’s gonna be ___________!

  2. Hmmm Says:

    Hi Dick,

    Wow, thanks for honoring my blog with a posting from the guy himself.

    “Now, Dick..Tell Leo… haha”

    Your Nov 29 stickam event is noted.

    I am having trouble with the Categories of new posts synching
    on If get that worked out, I may make a full new re-posting for this.

    At any rate, there’s this part 🙂

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