Kinda Like Church…cept Different…

When I showed up for traffic court, I was immediately taken with the observation that…”this looks like Church!…”

Then as I looked around me….”But these aren’t people that you would ever see….at Church….hahahaha” Let’s see…a few guys with crazy tattoos, and crazy hair and thug guys in “wife beaters…yeah typical church fodder

Eventually I was called to another room where (evidently) an unidentified person (from evidently the Prosecuter’s Office) asked me how long it had been since I had a ticket….”Uh..Like ’83? She laughed….Ok I think the judge will agree to only site you with “Improper Equipment” ..instead of the 15 miles over…

“You will still owe court costs (of like $130) and there will still be a double fine because you were in the edge of a “Construction Zone” so that’s another $75..but you wont lose any “points”

So I have improper equipment…..The E30….is…”Improper Equipment

Pay da lady

Court Adjourned

What a scam….Just even the court costs (Not the exact amounts, but you get the point)


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