Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In

A few words here to pay tribs to a show from the early 70’s that was ahead of its time. It was almost as crazy and in your face as the Vietnam war coverage that was just wrapping up.

Goldie Hahn was a smokin hot skimpy bikini clad dancer….Oh yeah…(Say that again..)…And then there was Arte Johnson (Wolfgang the peek around the bushes Nazi…”Verrry Interesting…”) and Flip Wilson.(Geraldine)…and Lilly Tomblin (Her classic…ATT operator One ringydingy, two ringy dingies…routine) in addition to the hosts Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.

Also, Ruth Buzzi (played a skinny old lady with scraggly stockings hitting Arte Johnson with her purse and Jo Anne Worley (big feather boa as I recall and opera voice) Congrats to Jo Anne on her new show in New York on Braodway, “The Drowsy Chaparon”

It was a crazy, different kinda variety show in a crazy time in US history. It was the venting after Trcky Dick (Im notta crook) Nixon and the Vietnam war.

There are a few clips around…

Goldie Hahn explains time zones

A closing

See wikipedia for better details. One thing I learned there was…that SNL Lorne Micheals has written for that show before producing Saturday Night Live.


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