Get Off Your Dann Cell Phone and Drive!!!

Good thing I can’t write everything that occurs to me while driving.  This just feels like something that people should see here AND make a connection in their brain,,,that I was SCREAMING it at THEM.


2 Responses to “Get Off Your Dann Cell Phone and Drive!!!”

  1. Phillip Says:

    Why does everyone care that people are on their phone while they drive. The same people who are bad drivers a la cell phone are, well in fact bad drivers already. The correct response to someone almost running you off the road and you noticing the cell phone is not “Get off your cell phone” it is “Give up your license”. That same person would run you off the road changing radio stations, or looking for their tie, etc. Everyone needs to get off your high horses about cell phones and driving. Police yourself and let the police get everyone else.

  2. Hmmm Says:

    Phillip, thanks for your thoughts on that one.

    We however do not completely agree.
    Cell phone usage has made this far worse.
    The radio, etc, caused problems too as you note though.

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