Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Just a few words to pay tribs to a relatively new talk show host that has come into his own with a unique style and format. I became aware of Jimmy when I was listening the Adam Carolla era Lovelines a few years back. They are best buds from years back from KROQ, the Man Show and Crankyankers.

Gotta have a few words to note Gillermo, Uncle Frank and Cousin Sal.

A few shows of note:

-The night they dragged Andy Dick off set when he misbehaved…classic.

– When Jimmy had Ozzy on for two nights back to back…and performing…How cool is that?

– This just in…50 Cent and football commentator continue their tradition of appearing together on Jimmy’s show and Al busts a 50 Cent tune… (Show me any other show this fresh)

More to come on this one as i get a chance.

…Apologies to Matt Damon…I ran out of time…


One Response to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

  1. me Says:

    j kimmel rocks

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