Gas Prices…Need I say more…

The high and low are ranging from about $3.05/gal to $3.70/gal with some even higher in Cali and Hawaii.

Drop me a comment if you are significantly lower or higher than this range.

**** I will try to read all comments, but due to volume I will only post some****


3 Responses to “Gas Prices…Need I say more…”

  1. Ernest O'Dell Says:

    I’m researching for an article I’m writing about gas prices in foreign markets, namely: Europe, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, China, etc. I have some figures for U.S. prices, but finding it difficult to find CURRENT prices in foreign markets. Anything within the last 90 days would be helpful. Thanks, Ernest O’Dell

  2. Hmmm Says:


    Thank you for your comment.
    Granted that it wont be “official” data like you will ultimately need,
    but perhaps classified as anocdotal?…”live” data that you
    could get fairly quickly from “world” chat rooms like in
    yahoo chats. If you can tolerate all the bots, you can probably
    find people online from most of those countries.
    If your mandarin is good, you can prolly even get that one too.
    Then, maybe you can back track to verify what the chatters are telling you.
    Just a thought.
    Also, maybe you can email someone at the BBC?
    and similar news organizations in some of those countries?

  3. blancorepublic Says:

    Thanks for the input. Actually, I did manage to Google up a lot of info on the subject. Managed to get my three part Editorial Opinion into the papers for the next three weeks.

    I’ll finish it off with Part Four, which won’t make my readers any happier.

    Ernest O’Dell

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