Thank God You’re Here…(NBC new)

Thank God You’re Here is set to start April 9 on NBC.

It looks like a redo of a popular show from Australia


Basically celebrity actors walk into a scene where they must immediately improvise their action and dialogue.

First promotional clips show Newman (Wayne Knight) and George (Jason Alexander) from Seinfeld fame.

The show’s idea seems a bit like Drew Carey’s Whose Line is it anyway?

David Alan Grier is the host (I so want to see “In Living Color [the first few seasons] again.) He is ok as host, but it doesn’t compare to the energy from Men on Film.

There was one judge. ( remind myself of later, Dave Foley?)

The judging felt like a weird mix of Dancing with the Stars and American Idol (neither do I get excited about….more of this horrible reality, let America vote..crapola) however the judge made all the decisions (no voting..yet)

I’ll give it a 6 out of 10 so far. I’m hopeful that it will pick up steam for next week. It’s on NBC on Monday after “Deal or No Deal”, although I read somewhere that the official time slot will be Tuesday.

More to come as it develops…

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