Uhh, What’s on your Ipod?

Well…(since I’m synthesizing my own dialog)

Podcasts/webcasts (LeoLaporte, Net@nite, TWIT, WindowsWeekly, SecurityNow, DailyGizWiz, MacBreakWeekly/Rathole….) http://www.twit.tv

Podcasts-Diggnation – http://revision3.com/diggnation
There’s the regular diggnation vid or mp3
Also, check out “The Broken”…very funny

Podcasts – The Adam Carolla Show – Rant of the day -Free-fm http://adam.freefm.com/

Podcasts-Lovelines (mostly from the Carolla days- http://www.lovelinearchive.com
This guy’s site is unfortunately on hiatus. He points to another site with old shows, but I haven’t had the patience yet to figure out how to get into it. Wait, wait, he’s back with a few months of shows at a time now!

Micheal Savage – Savage Nation

Genesis Chap 5-9 mp3 per Alexander Scourby

John Mellencamp

Sammy Hagar






Honeymoon Suite




Gary Hoey

New Edition

Tupac – California Love…

Public Enemy – Chuck D and Flavor Flav http://www.publicenemy.com

Keith Sweat

Billy Squier

More to come on this one….

Thanks for checking out my posting. Check out the latest at https://mrobvious.wordpress.com


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