Doing the math…a sidebar….

The US is marking its fourth year in Iraq.

We hear about car bombers there almost every single day on the news.

Since I have recently spent a lot of time keeping my older car running, It occured to me… Ok, I’m starting to think like George Carlin…But…. 4 *365 =1460

Where are they getting all of these expendable cars?

It would be interesting to know what makes and models are more popular.

Are they all crappy Pintos from the 70’s? or perhaps A few Ford Fiestas? or Dodge Dart or Chevy Geos or the dreaded Plymouth Neon? (Pinto…kind of ahead of its time…huh)

And…, I don’t think crazy Khaleid is gonna take his dad’s imported Lexus down to the Death to Amrica rally.

And not only expendable cars…but expendable nutty relatives to drive them?

Darwin would predict that we would run out of both?

Hey, I thnk this disproves evolution….

George, if this ends up in one of your bits, give Hmmm a plug.


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