Spike Feresten…Talk Show with Spike Feresten(New on the second season coming..Wooohoo!!!)

(Wait, wait!! A lil birdie is whispering about the second season…Stay tuned…)

(Hmmm…Not even a peep from Spike since FOX renewed the show for a second season…What’s up with that? Is he going to the View? I guess busy with Bee movie?) 🙂

Had to get a few quick lines on here to give propers to Spike. His new show is on Saturday nights after MadTV on FOX. Spike has been a writer for many shows including Seinfeld, Letterman and back in the day (Saturday Night Live’s Dennis Miller)

It’s part talk show, part field reporting, part edgy humor, part anything goes!

Google “Electric Lincoln” Youtube

to see one of the classic bits at the end of most shows called “Comedy for Stoners”

BTW, Abe looks a LOT like Clint Eastwood, hahaha Yeah baby!

Another skit that technically wasn’t in the comedy for stoners, but…Return of the Dapper Daniels….and their barber shop quartet’s homo-erotic tribute to “I’ve been workin on the railroad”

Google ….return dapper ifilm

Then its “Return of the Dapper Daniels” on ifilm

Some moron took down the one on youtube…dann weenies.


Okie dokie…Moving on…


This just in (May 9, 2007), FOX picks up Talkshow with Spike Feresten for a second season….Wooohooo

Congrats Spike!!!!


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