Interesting new websites…

Seems to be …

part staff writer (bot) BillClinton, Condi Rice, and Borat.

part actual pseudo celeb…ie Leo Laporte from ScreenSavers and many computer/tech shows….and his sidekick/student helper Shooby.

then the rest are techie people from all over the world.

Its kinda like a worldwide CB/shortwave radio…where you leave posts about what you are doing (funny comments and ocassionally chat)


A place to post a stock portfolio and see how it fares and also see what others use as their portfolio. Supposedly Warren Buffet has a portfolio posted and his stock pics.

I give it a rating of I for interesting.


That would be this….

Will be interesting if my “blog” generates any response of any kind at all.


You can graphically lay out a filtered search of yahoo and Google info to make your own custom searches

and custom RSS feeds?

This one I’m still trying to sort out.


This is a new multifeatured site that can route RSS/XML feeds to a xfruit web page, to a Cell, to a pdf file and more, including RSS agregator. I haven’t tried newsgator so I can’t comment on the relative good or bad. I’m impressed with the RSS to Web page part that I’ve used so far, although it takes a few minutes to get the hang of some parts.


This is very cool.  It checks your machines upload and download speed in kBits/sec from your geographic location to another site on the map (in the US).  That is a quick way to see the performance of your link to the net.


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